R410A R22 Valve Core Remover Installer Tool with Dual Size SAE 1/4 & 5/16 Port for R404A R407C R134A R12 R32 HVAC System


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[PROFESSIONAL ASSISTANT]For removing and installing valve cores in charged systems. Replace Leaking valve cores quickly and easily. Dual size to work on charge systems of R410a or R22 or other retrofit replacements systems.

[WELL-MADE] The valve core remover installer tool is made of solid brass, which is durable and won’t rust easily, and the metal knobs are in anti-slip knurling design, which is durable and you can use them for a long time.

[TIME-SAVING]the core grabber tool makes it easy to insert it into the inner valve, so you can control the core, needn’t to stop the machine or release the refrigerant, you can remove and install the valve cores conveniently, save hours of evacuation and charging time.

Valve core removal wrench basic operation:

1.Pull out the dead point on the stem, close the valve on the tool, adjust the joint of the tool to the air conditioning interface, and tighten the valve on the air conditioning.

2.Make sure that the tool is connected tightly to the air conditioning valve, then open the valve on the tool. Push the stem into the air conditioning valve and gently rotate the tail knob of the remover. Find the angle to connect the valve core, and then loosen it.

3.When the valve core is removed, pull out the stem, close the valve on the valve remover, loosen the screw at the end of the tool and take out the valve core. The work is done!

Note: We suggest that before removing the valve core, close the valve core wrench valve and disconnect the air conditioner internal connection. Specification:

Item: Valve Core Remover Installer, R410a valve core removal tool, R22 valve core removal tool, a/c valve core removal tool, HVAC valve, core removal tool, Schrader valve removal tool, refrigeration air condition services for pressurized mini split system. Service ports: 1/4 Inch and 5/16 Inch SAE Female Bypass ports: 1/4 Inch SAE Male


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